Hostgator business plan dedicated ip

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Compare 54 Web Hosting Plans w/ Dedicated IP

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Hostgator Reviews: How to select best HostGator web hosting plan for your business

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Shared Hosting Comparison

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Tell Me about the Business Hosting Plan

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But if you need hosting for business or e-commerce sites then you should buy Hostgator Business Plan. Because it offers you dedicated Ip address and other features which are helpful for your e. The business plan is great for small and medium businesses and comes with support for unlimited domains, a private SSL certificate and dedicated IP, and your own toll free number that can be used by US callers to get in touch with your business directly.

HostGator is one of the world's top 10 largest web hosting companies, with over 8, hosted domains. We have over employees to provide you superior around-the-clock support. We are the perfect choice whether you are looking for business, personal, or even Fortune hosting.

Dedicated IPs for Dedicated Servers. All of our Dedicated Servers are initially provisioned with 2 Dedicated IP Addresses, but depending on the type of server plan, Dedicated Server owners can request to have up to the maximum amount of Dedicated IP addresses on the server as stated in the chart below.

Baby Plan: What I Call The Perfect Plan. Honestly out of these 3 plans, Baby is the one 90% of the people who need it.

With unlimited storage and unlimited add on domains, user can literally host any websites online. If you need a dedicated IP like what Business Plan offers, you can always pay $2 extra to get it.

Which HostGator Plan is The Best for You?

Rather than $5 extra, you save $3. For this feature, I summed up the comparison as HostGator Baby vs Business. Let’s get on this and see what it all about.

Shared Hosting Comparison

And which plan would work better for you. HostGator Baby vs Business Plan? Both HostGator web hosting plans are offering unlimited features.

Hostgator business plan dedicated ip
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