Petrobras approves 2012-16 business plan

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Exclusive - Petrobras to cut five-year investment plan one-fifth to $80 billion: sources

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The strategize with the physical is called back through the counterargument of the life. Mar 19,  · Brazil’s state-run oil company Petrobras has announced that its Board of Directors has approved the Business & Management Plan ( BP), with investments of US$ bn, maintaining the same level of investments as last year’s Plan.

The oil company will spend the largest part of the allocated sum on exploration and production. Brazil's Petrobras will slash its five-year investment plan by about one-fifth next month as low oil prices, massive debt and fallout from a corruption scandal hobble its.

ONGC Annual Report in detail (Balance Sheet, Cash flow and Income statement) of immense satisfaction for me to inform that despite operating in a turbulent economic environment and an uncertain business ecosystem, your Company, ONGC, has been able to demonstrate operational excellence, uphold high standard of corporate governance.

Rosneft Annual Report pdf. Cargado por Harshad Focus on cost controls and capital discipline • “zero inflation” of business plan parameters • cost structure optimization • efficient investment governance and approval of only those projects that meet corporate Internal Rate of Return guidelines rosneft 5.

showing gas. Co-op Bank scraps bonus plan for bosses over fears of stress test failure (5 Dec ) UK's 'Google Tax' Draws Skepticism (5 Dec ) Google tax probably needs a Google brain (5 Dec ) Business lobby warning on chancellor's new 'Google tax' (5 Dec ) Corporate Welfare: North Sea oil tax burden eased (5 Dec ).

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Petrobras approves 2012-16 business plan
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