Sawmilling business plan

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Sawmilling can be a profit-making business as long as the owner has a plan and can stick to it long enough to streamline the business, create efficiency, increase productivity and generate a profit. Like all businesses, this will require time and patience but the rewards are fulfilling to those who are willing to wait.

Sep 27,  · Hi, I am totally new here and was wondering if anyone has some information they could make available. I am thinking about becoming self employed and buying an existing sawmill business, but to get funding I have to write a business plan. Making Money with a Sawmill Business Plan with a focus on high-margin production, and you might make money — not just wear out a saw.

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only to find that the banking industry does not really understand manufacturing or sawmilling. What you do need to know is the cost of the mill and running cost.

Running a Small-Scale Sawmill Business

What is labor going to cost, and how. PROFITABLE SMALL SAWMILL BUSINESSES Harry Watt Wood Products Specialist • Realize that a small sawmill operation is a local business • Look at the profit margin of every log • Plan outlines how the business will be profitable • Equipment • Obtaining logs • Sawing strategy.

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Sawmilling business plan
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