Writing an ecookbook

No-Bake Salted Caramel Cups

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4 Southern Staples, 4 Ways ecookbook

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Taste of Allergies eCookbook

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Does this somehow remind you of The Joy of Deciding?.


Yearbook - invite your classmates to write a greeting and gather everything in your own yearbook / graduation book, a memory for life! Also suitable for homecoming and/or prom. School project - make a unique book of your school project. This is where I’m going to add all sorts of templates that you can help yourself to!

Have patience, there is much more to come. To start off with, by popular demand, here is the template for one of my eBooks and the 3D book covers that I use for both the free cookbooks I giveaway to new subscribers and also for eBooks that I sell.

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Make your own book - the possibilities are endless!

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Writing an ecookbook
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